Thursday, December 17, 2015

Planning strategies.

These are the strategies the students use to direct and control their behavior, and so they precede any action by the students. These strategies include activities such as:
·         Establishing learning goals and objectives
·         Selecting the previous knowledge that's necessary to do so
·         Dividing the task into successive steps
·         Devising an action calendar
·         Anticipating the time it will take to perform this task, the resources required and the necessary effort
·         Selecting the strategy to follow

Regulation, direction and supervision strategies.
They're used during the execution of the task. They say how capable the student is of following the plan and proving its effectiveness. They include activities such as:
·         Asking questions
·         Following the plan
·         Adjusting the time and effort required for the task
·         Modifying and looking for alternative strategies in case those previously selected are not effective.

Evaluation strategies.
They're in charge of verifying the learning process. They're done during and at the end of the process. They include activities such as:
  • Reviewing the given steps.
  • Evaluating whether or not the proposed objectives were accomplished.
  • Evaluating the quality of the final results.
  • Deciding when to finish the process, when to take breaks, how long the breaks will be, etc.


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