Thursday, October 22, 2015

Collect dreams: create a story

1.          When we are asleep and dreaming, we often feel that we are living a different story. Sometimes we want to wake up immediately, other times we enjoy what is happening, like when we meet someone (even kissing that person, why not?), or when we living an adventure in a castle or city.
Why not take advantage of your dream and write about it? You just let them pass? You just start fresh? DON'T LET THEM GO TO WASTE. If you wake up and remember them, write them down on your notebook or personal
diary, it can be great for your stories.
For a week, or better still, for a month, write down your dreams, at least those you remember. Write about them. If it's just an idea, it doesn't matter, it will come to life as you write it. Describe the characters that appear on them, and create others. Imagine them in action. They need goals and objectives, a motivation for their behavior. Describe the scene. Remember to describe the smells, sensations, and everything that you can think of. Give a meaning to your characters, their actions, and to your story.

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