Saturday, October 17, 2015

Writing: Stream of thought

Sit in front of a piece of paper or your computer, and write anything that comes to your mind about anything, colors, feelings, things, or one of the ideas you wrote down on your notebook. Don't worry about forming elaborate sentences, sophisticated words, or aiming for a certain structure. Your imagination will eventually take control of the paper. What you feel, remember, or what the words themselves convey, will eventually result in a story.
Example: let's call this story Stream of Though, and start it like this:
It gets to the mind, distracts, daze, forgets, feels, alive, one word: obligation, it stops. Alive, it arrives, a constant fight, it falls into delirium; a breath: of hope, everything confusing fight, wind, martyr, a tear on the cheek, a face of a woman, a dry mouth, despair and torture, dark ideas, an illusion: comes to life, words, lights; people confused, women escapes, thought goes on, sticks, bathed on life, a journey, thoughts move, a search, without end, thoughts find her. Sounds, rings, the phone, life: a chase, a woman alone. Vivaldi sounds, a mind is distracted, punish, hurts, repeats, hurts more. Light, hope, joy. Search...
Continue the story above. Don't worry about being coherent, or spelling. Here you have the opportunity to reveal even against grammatical rules. Free yourself. What is the ending you'll give to it? What characters will you introduce? It does not matter, it's your story, we just gave you an excuse to start. If you don't feel like writing about it, change the subject yourself.


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