Monday, October 19, 2015

To write is to feel free

When you focus on this activity, nothing else matters around you. For instance, if you are working on your computer, feel how your fingers slide through the keyboard as a great pianist. Dive inside the story. You live and suffer along the characters. You hear them talking to you, asking you to give them character, a personality, physical traits, and movement. Their light will illuminate you also. You feel the need to create a scene, you want something to happen... It's as if you started to unfold and live within the words. You lose sense of your physical body, and your spirit goes beyond. Do you want to experience and feel this? Is this close to how you already feel? What else can you add about your own experience?
You can't dive into the process because you think that it's useless and that nobody will like it, that people will make fun of you? Stop right there! Don't pay attention to these voices. Let them go by as if they were ghosts in your mind. Don't fight against them. If you ignore them, they will go away.
If you work with enthusiasm and from within yourself, you'll see how words flow out, and sooner than later, an entire story will come out.
In doing this, you're not only being true to yourself, you are also creating, and nothing could be more beautiful that other people feeling connected to what you write.
So don't be selfish: You have a lot to give and express, a great potential, so share your work. How can absolutely nobody be interested in it? And how do you know it will be like that? Besides, you are also VERY IMPORTANT; if writing is a pleasure for you, then why wouldn't you do it? Why would you take that away from yourself? Just doing it is rewarding in itself. It is definitely worth it.

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