Sunday, October 4, 2015

What can you write about?

The beginning of a story lay on a character, a situation, a look... The story might not be complete, but its future starts to become possible.

You can write about something that you are interested in, or about something that you'll discover on the way. A good start is being aware of everything, and activating your senses. Learning how to listen. If you want to gather ideas, you need to be a good observer. It's not enough to just see, you have to know how to listen, capture the smells, sensations, people's characters, the scene, etc.
Pay attention to all the details. They will get fixed to your mind, and even to your heart, making it easier to reflect them on paper.

Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, is a great novel where culinary descriptions serve as a pretext to recall smells, sensations, and feelings. In between Mexican recipes, a love story begins to unfold, in which characters suffer from an inevitable separation.
Perfume by Patrick Süskind is the story of a murderer, in which smell is the most important medium to describe the story. The main character lives and embodies this sensation, transmitting it to the reader in a horrifying way.

Exercises: Calling the muse
1.         Practice contemplation. Be amazed by the all the details in nature. Go to museums, enjoy art. Breath all that which can give you some creativity. Dance. Embrace life.
2.         Practice relaxation and meditation in order to connect with your creative self. No one else can tell you what to write about better than yourself.

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