Saturday, October 17, 2015


  “The art of studying begins in the way you organize your own life”. For example, a manufacturer will quickly loose his business if he waits until his workers run out of materials to order new ones.
The same way, if you are used to leaving for tomorrow the text you should study today, you will never be able to reach a good goal.
The knowledge you intend to acquire is conditioned by the TIME dedicated for that purpose. If you are not able to leave the “necessary” hours for studying, you will soon face difficulties, the same way if you administer your income badly.
In effect, if you don't save part of your incomes, you will soon have necessities. Of course, there is always the possibility of borrowing some money to overcome the difficult situation. However, when is about studying, unfortunately we cannot borrow anything, because what we learn cannot be kept on our pockets. It is kept in our minds, and to time no one has discovered the way of transferring what a person accumulated in his brain through years of effort and dedication, to another person, that just wasted his time without doing anything to enrich his knowledge.
But don't worry, this is exactly one of the advantages of education. While a person can loose all the fortune accumulated through years and years of effort, no one can take away the things he has learned.
For that reason, knowledge is the most valuable fortune that a person, under any circumstances, and in any part of the world, can have.
In order to stay active in the study, it is necessary, in first place, to distribute your time properly.

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